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July 5, 2010

Sneak Peek for Carlie! │ Ottawa Kansas Senior Photographer

The rain started yesterday, but it was last week when I heard about the hurricane down south that I knew this week would be bad for photo sessions. I felt so bad for Carlie, she was so excited to get her senior pictures done and the outlook was dismal for tonight.

But after a little Weather Channel stalking, I discovered a break in the weather and we decided to go for it. Nevermind that is was pouring sheets when my assistant, Connor and I made a quick stop for some supplies. I had a gut feeling. Ha ha.

I knew Carlie was nervous for her shoot, but really I also had a gut feeling that she would be fab. And...she was. Of course!

What can I say about Carlie? Yeah, she comes from sunny Arizona and she runs cross country and loves Michael Jackson, but aside from all that she is just a really classy person. Full of happiness and unique to the core. It was a delight to photograph her and make her senior portraits a fun special time.

And what do you know....about an hour into the shoot, the sun came out. It seemed appropriate.

Here's a little peek at what we did tonight.

p.s. it was really really really hard to pick for this!!!

Thank you so much Carlie for allowing me to do your senior photos! I had a blast and can't wait for you to see the rest.


Brandy said...

I feel sorry for Carlie. I mean how is she ever going to decide? I guess she might have to buy them all! Great job, Carrie.

EEEEMommy said...

She is gorgeous, and your skills are amazing! Great shoot!

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