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August 11, 2009

My Friend Rachel │Ottawa Kansas Portrait Photographer

I like to wrangle my friends into letting me practice portrait genres that I haven't yet experienced. That way there's less pressure and I can see if I like it or not. Today I coerced my friend Rachel into some impromptu maternity shots. And by impromptu, I mean I called her this morning and said, "Hey, remember that time you said I could practice on you? Can I come over at noon?"


I gave myself two challenges today. Number one: to get some creative maternity shots. Number two: to shoot at midday.


I have to say, I usually stick with my favored morning and evening light because it inspires me. But now that I see I can produce something I like at noon, I know it's an option too.


My brain wasn't working properly (I'd like to blame the harsh light) so we went inside halfway through the session to get online inspiration...another advantage to photographing a friend.

rachel maternity

Can I just say that I'm extremely jealous of Rachel's hair? This isn't a byproduct of pregnancy for her; it's always that great.

rachel maternity

rachel maternity

I wonder if Nathan knows what's just around the corner....


rachel maternity

Two more months...

August 4, 2009

More Newborn Goodness │Kansas Children's Photographer

I'm sure I am continually breaking some kind of photographer preview rule by over doing it, but I really can't help it. I usually end up doing things my way, so phooey on the rules.

You cannot contain this kind of cuteness. It must be shared.

little sweetie

Here's me trying to get a fancy head propped shot.

look up...please?

Uh, not quite. Then Mom gets in to help.

not cooperating

Then we figured out they need to be asleep. The same for many, many fun newborn shots. Really, really asleep. Or this happens...


But even that face is cute.

peek a boo

Levi was somewhat cooperative. He hid his big green pacifier from the camera. Go Levi!

little footsie

And what newborn session would be complete without a gratuitous tootsie shot? Yummy.


Here's Levi with big sister, Glenna. He's not sure about her, but I can tell she's got everything under control.

My First Newborn Session! │Ottawa Kansas Children's Photographer

I am so blessed to have a couple friends having babies right now. Newborn photography is something I admire and love to look at, but have never had the opportunity to try. What better way to get my feet wet than with a good friend's new baby?!

And such a cutie at that. Here are a few of little Levi that I have done so far.




Now I know what other photographers meant when they said the babies really made them work for the shots! Brooke and I were both sweaty at the end of this! And I'm so glad she was game for the sling shot (no pun intended) because I think they are so very delectable.

Oh, and by the way, Rachel? You're next. I need more practice/playtime/baby fix.

August 1, 2009

August Special │Ottawa Kansas Senior Photographer

Hey Seniors! If you book a session for the month of August, I'll include a free set of 8 wallets with your session fee. That means we book and shoot the session this month.

If you like my style of photography and are needing some funky fresh photos, give me a call or email me to book your appointment today! or 785.242.6870
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