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April 26, 2009

Cute Baby Alert │Ottawa, Kansas Photographer

There are times I really hate dragging my big camera around. But if I've learned anything, it's that the day I leave it at home, that will be the day I miss a good photo opportunity. It never fails.

Lucky for me, I learn my lessons quickly. Sometimes.

Because I just happened upon this little doll at our homeschool park day last week. Her mom graciously allowed me to post them here.

sky eyes


I think I need some more babies to photograph.

April 24, 2009

color pop

I've been playing with some new (to me) techniques. I love the look of the faded black and white with a little bit of color pop. It's very artsy and classy and makes me feel all googly inside.

perty girl

simple pleasure

My little guy taking time to smell the flowers makes me feel a little googly inside, too.

April 16, 2009

Dance Photo Gallery │Ottawa, Kansas Photographer


If you'd like to see the gallery in it's entirety, please visit my gallery site. Just click here.

April 15, 2009

More Dancing Photos!

This will be the last preview for this shoot before I put up the gallery. Check my gallery site in the next couple days to see all the photos from this shoot!

sabrinasdance 167_1resized

sabrinasdance 190_1resized

sabrinasdance 254_1resized


I had so much fun taking pictures for a local dance studio yesterday. I tried to be inconspicuous, but being 6 ft tall with a camera as close to the dancers as I could get without getting kicked or twirled into isn't the easiest thing ever.

Anyway, here's the first batch of previews. I have tons of favorite shots already and I haven't even made a chunk in the massive amount of photos I stay tuned for more dance photos.

And if there seems like a lot of feet shots in this first batch, it's because I wasn't sure what I could post when I was editing last night and went with the safe bet to start with.

sabrinasdance 252_1resized

sabrinasdance 250_1resized

sabrinasdance 224_1resized

sabrinasdance 199_1resized

sabrinasdance 131_1resized

sabrinasdance 130resized

sabrinasdance 013_1resized

sabrinasdance 141copyresized

April 5, 2009

More of my favs from Toni's shoot │Ottawa Kansas Photographer

I had so much fun working on these photos! I'm really loving this vintage action I found for free from

I think I might actually be slightly addicted to taking people's pictures. I find when I'm done editing a session, I'm a little bummed and ready for my next fix.

April 4, 2009

Toni's Shoot

My friend from work wanted me to shoot some photos of her to give her dad. I told her that so far, in my short career as a portrait photographer, everyone has been making it way easy on me as far as being so natural in front of the camera. I barely had to direct her at all! And Toni's a huge fan of black and white, so you know that just makes me giddy.

These are all I have done processing so far...more to come.

tblodg 032_2resized

tblodg 039 _1resized

tblodg 001_2resized

Thanks Toni! (sorry about the wind! but I think it did work for us after all)
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