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April 4, 2010

Reviews From Some Really Awesome People! │ Ottawa Kansas Photographer

Picking a photographer is not just about how amazing their photos are, it's about the connection they make with you in order to produce amazing photography that you want and will cherish. There's an experience to be had and I'll be honest, it was what scared me the most starting out in this business!

I knew what to do with the camera, but I wondered if I had what it takes to connect with people or make their portrait session something memorable and fun. I still get nervous before every shoot wondering the same thing, and was actually shocked when, session after session, people would say, "Wow, that was fun. I didn't expect that!"

And I have had the most awesome clients so far. A lot of them have become friends. I am honored to have had the opportunity to work with each and every one of them.

I recently updated my facebook review page with some comments from a few of the spectacular people I've worked with and thought I would share them here too for the people out there who are trying to decide on a photographer.

"Carrie not only takes amazingly stunning portraits, but is a complete joy to work with! I couldn't have asked for a more fun experience. She's great at direction and knows exactly how to capture everything you're looking for in the moment. My senior shoot was an unforgettably amazing experience!" ~Connor

"Carrie was the best photographer EVER!!! She really knows how to use natural lighting and nature. She has reasonable pricing and my senior photo shoot went awesome...she can really bring out a person's personality in the photos!!!" ~Jessica

"Not only could I not quit looking at those of my daughter, I can't quit looking at any of her photos! She was able to capture my daughter in our photos for who she truly is! I ♥ her work!" ~Amy

"We have all done it...made the appointment, gone to the city, spent way too much money and got pictures that were just ok. This IS NOT the case with Carrie.

First, she is so incredibly laid back. If you kids want to run around during the shot, she will run with them. Second, she has patience of a saint. She allows every shot to just happen, no pushing the participants to smile. Each expression is true and NEVER forced. Third, Carrie has the magic to create unforgettable story boards. We have a large story board hanging in the entrance of our home. There is not one person that comes by our home that does not marvel in the beauty of the story board.
We love Carrie, our kids love Carrie. She creates magic with her camera." ~Sara

"Carrie is a very gifted photographer. She has a real eye for creative portraits and beautiful settings."~Dianne

"Carrie has such an artistic eye that really comes out in her photography. Her great sense of humor, confidence, and relaxed demeanor helped make our family portrait session a truly fun experience! And now we have wonderful family photos that we will treasure for years to come."~Renee

"I have had multiple photography sessions with Carrie- some planned, some impromptu- all with fantastic results. She is wonderful at photographing young children, primarily because she is incredibly patient and flexible. She allows them to be natural, and just goes along for the ride, capturing the most magical expressions at the most unexpected moments. I am always amazed by her artistic talent. Her passion comes through in her work. If you want unique portraits that really capture the personality of the subject, Carrie's the way to go."~Brooke

All the pictures were classic - We have them in our computer. Your shot of Denny and Sarah walking away holding hands is very special.....You are an artist."~Norma and Jack


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