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April 22, 2010

Princess Sophia │Ottawa Kansas Photographer

*disclaimer* I do not consider myself a pet photographer...this was just for fun!*

Sometimes in the weeks between paid shoots, I like to give myself fun assignments. I like to keep my skills sharp and I really like Princess Sophia the Pug. No, I adore her. I'd been wanting to have my friend Amy take me out to see her because I could just picture her all dressed up in a tiara and boa. Just like a real princess.

But I couldn't find all the items I needed, so we settled for some fairy wings and a pink frilly lei that kinda looked like a feather boa.

These shots were all hard-won. She was like shooting a toddler hyped up on Skittles.

Princess Sophia

She didn't even mind being all dressed up.

stay away from the donuts

We tried giving her some donut holes to get her to hold still. I think it backfired on us.

consider the butterfly


A rare shot of Amy, unaware of my camera pointed in her direction. That's almost as hard as getting Sophia to hold still...


Consider the pug...and while you do that, she will steal your donut holes.


This was my first shot idea. I could just picture her in her wings atop the cut log; all prim and proper. But she wasn't having any of it.


This is Sophia's sidekick Droopy. He was all over the pink lei. So much so that he didn't want to give it back. I'm not even kidding.


And no, the tongue never goes back in. I couldn't believe it when Amy said most people she knows thinks Sophia isn't cute at all. I adore her and might have to steal her.
gratuitous tongue shot


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