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April 15, 2009


I had so much fun taking pictures for a local dance studio yesterday. I tried to be inconspicuous, but being 6 ft tall with a camera as close to the dancers as I could get without getting kicked or twirled into isn't the easiest thing ever.

Anyway, here's the first batch of previews. I have tons of favorite shots already and I haven't even made a chunk in the massive amount of photos I stay tuned for more dance photos.

And if there seems like a lot of feet shots in this first batch, it's because I wasn't sure what I could post when I was editing last night and went with the safe bet to start with.

sabrinasdance 252_1resized

sabrinasdance 250_1resized

sabrinasdance 224_1resized

sabrinasdance 199_1resized

sabrinasdance 131_1resized

sabrinasdance 130resized

sabrinasdance 013_1resized

sabrinasdance 141copyresized


Anonymous said...

I love them, they are all beautiful. You are so talented.

ummmhello said...

Carrie, dahling, I hate to say it like this... but I AM SO PROUD OF YOU for doing this. The ONLY downside id that you don't live close enough for me to hire you! I'm dying for kids portraits :(

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