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September 19, 2009

Trolley Chasers │Ottawa Kansas Senior Photographer

I had the pleasure of photographing Olivia this morning for her senior portraits. I've known Olivia for a few years and couldn't believe it was already senior time for her! She had several super cool locations picked out, which was exciting for me because I like to shake things up a bit creatively. I knew it would be fun to do her pictures since we're fellow musicians, artists and all around right brain thinkers.

As we walked along to the different locations, I found we were both thinking the same thing about a certain place quite often.

Her mom had told me she was nervous, but it turns out Olivia was a natural in front of the camera.

Here is a little sneak peek from her session.




As we drove around town, we kept seeing this really cool trolley, probably due to the car show going on. Olivia commented that it would be cool to get a pic on there and I aim to please.


At the end of our shoot we just happened to see him drive by again, so we followed him like a couple of maniacs on a mission.


He probably didn't know what hit him when I came flying out of my van to stop him, but he did say his trolley gets a lot of use for wedding photography.

Thanks, Trolley Man, and thanks Olivia for a great shoot this morning. I hope you love these so far!


Jennifer Lee Swanepoel said...

I love the trolley shots!! Just wondering- do you use any special settings to post your photos on blogger? Mine never look as good on my blog as they do in Photoshop. I just recently learned to add a bit of saturation for the web version, but my photos STILL look grainy. Should I just keep the large file sizes??

Justin Tyme said...

Oh Carrie, these are beautiful!!! Gorgeous. Perfect. I LOVE the trolley, but really, I love each location for different reasons and how natural, yet original they are. What a beautiful model she is. You should be quite proud of yourself. These couldn't have been better.

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